RubyConf is now over

So RubyConf just ended and it was a huge blast, it was nice to meet a bunch of new folks and see all the neat things people are doing with Ruby.

Some of the highlights for the conference included the #RubyOnSails event and the "My KidsRuby Journey" by PJ and Katie Hagerty and "That's Not Very Ruby of You" by Ernie Miller keynote talks. I really enjoyed listening to the talks about using partial evaluators to build compilers and machine learning tools.

Piles of new things to check out once I get back home like Grape, ServerSpec (for chef), queue_classic.

What I do

I work for the Geographic Information Network of Alaska doing development and project management.

My primary work involves working with GIS data and doing web development using Ruby on Rails and various JavaScript technologies.

Stay tuned while we adjust the antenna